Her Story

Her story (or how we came up with our name)


When Gail Lehman was growing up in Bangor, Pennsylvania, most days were filled with the warmth and comfort of someone’s grandma baking in the kitchen. Kids played outside from sunup til sundown, sometimes bursting through the back door to grab a sandwich or a cookie.

Dina Hall and Gail Lehman

Dina Hall and Gail Lehman

You might remember this too, and if you do, you’ll love what Back Door bakeshop has to offer. Gail’s cookies and dessert treats are reminiscent of the stuff many of us grew up on. She bakes everything from scratch, in small batches, ensuring that homemade taste in every bite.

After building a strong wholesale base, focused on baked goods, Gail and her partner Dina Hall began the search for a good location to expand the business to include lunch - specifically sandwiches and soups.




We opened the Back Door Bakeshop takeout cafe on April 16, 2013. We make everything from scratch, with creative twists on classic sandwiches, and family recipes. The menu changes weekly, so check back every Monday, or sign up to receive the weekly email.

We also invite you to click on the Bakeshop page and browse our full menu of baked products.