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Thanksgiving is for family traditions - whatever that means to you

We hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving Day, in the good company of friends and family.

Regardless of the origin, and its place in world history, Thanksgiving is the true American holiday that doesn't focus on retail sales, or alcohol. It remains a day to share simple family traditions, whatever that means to you.

In just two days, we baked nearly 100 pies, plus countless cakes, quiche and other things. There were a few pies left, which found their way over to the Trinity Soup Kitchen.

Now we're grateful for a few days off. We took a weekend getaway to historic Annapolis, Md. touring the U.S. Naval Academy, and strolling the streets of downtown Annapolis. Of course, we took a few pictures, so here they are.

We thank you for supporting small, local business!

Gail and Dina


Thanksgiving Holiday

We would like to say Thank You to everyone who donated new winter accessories – hats, gloves, scarves, and socks – for the Trinity Soup Kitchen. Your generosity was overwhelming once again. We will still accept donations through the end of the year. Remember, the items must be new.

We also would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and hope that you are spending time with family.

Please take note of our hours this week.
11/25 Tuesday 7:30-3:00
11/26 Wednesday 7:30-5:00 (open late for order pick-up)
11/27 Thursday closed
11/28 Friday closed*
11/29 Saturday closed*

*Please visit our Pop-up Cafe at Christmas City Village , Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Have a great week.

Gail and Dina

Fire on Broad St.

We've received many messages asking about the fire on Broad St. yesterday morning. Our building was unaffected, but other properties sustained smoke and water damage. Still, we want to share the story from our perspective, and thank all those who braved the cold and icy conditions to help - and that should be HELP in all capital letters - someone else.

We were on our way to breakfast yesterday morning when we noticed thick smoke coming from the direction of the bake shop, but from where we were it could have been over the river and on the south side. We were a little concerned, but not worried, so we went inside to eat breakfast.

Over the last few years, I've learned the value of being connected to the community through social media, and immediately went to Twitter to see if there was discussion of a fire. I didn't see anything in my feed, so I queried the Twitterverse. "Checking in, is there a building on fire in South Bethlehem? Can see smoke from Elizabeth Ave." It was somewhat cryptic shorthand, but I knew someone would understand and reply.

About 20 minutes later, I had a response from Sarah Wojcik, a reporter for The Express-Times, "@Dina_Hall Reports of one on East Broad Street, yeah." I answered, "@Sarah_M_Wojcik Thanks."

Now we were more than a little concerned. But we finished our breakfast, paid the bill, and casually walked back to the car, noticing that the smoke was still visible, but not worse than it was earlier.

As we drove closer, those feelings of internal panic came over both of us, but neither one of us would say it out loud. Once we reached Broad St. and could see what was happening, we were obviously relieved to find that the building that was on fire was not ours. But, we were saddened to see the building burning a few doors up the street. And in that very same moment the panic subsided very quickly, and speaking for myself, turned into shortness of breath and adrenalin rush.

fire on Broad St.jpg


Gail and I both knew we should do something. But it seemed like an empty gesture. We decided that the best we could do was let the American Red Cross workers know that our door was open if any of the firefighters needed food, hot beverages, a place to get warm or use the bathroom. That small gesture turned out to be very valuable. Think about that, if you care to. When disaster strikes, we all have essential needs that must be met.

So that's the story, from our perspective down the street.

We're very appreciative of the City of Bethlehem Emergency Services and Public Works for their efforts yesterday. One more reason to be proud of our town.

Here is a link to Sarah's article about the fire.


What is going on?

A personal note from Gail I can't thank you all enough for the enthusiasm, the phone calls and the well wishes. We're bursting with excitement over the growth of Back Door Bakeshop and we can't wait to share all that we have planned.



Here's an update on what's been happening. We have successfully moved everything from 1422 Center St. over to 92 East Broad. It was quite an ordeal since we needed to move all of my baking equipment in two days so that I could bake up right until the last minute and be ready to bake again in the new shop the next day. Leaving my old shop of five years was very bittersweet for me. That cute little building was homey and had a very cool vibe and I loved going to work every day. Although it was small, it served me well and allowed my business to grow at a nice, steady pace. I am so thankful to all the people and businesses who have supported me and happily sold my cookies and brownies and spread the word about my goodies.

Our new location has a brand new coat of paint and we're settling in just fine. There's been lots of buzz about what our plans are, so here you have it. This space will allow us to sell retail, and will have two walk-up windows for our customers to order and pick up from - kind of like a stationary food truck. Since there's no indoor seating, everything will be "to-go". During nice weather, we'll pop a few cafe tables out on the sidewalk.

Along with all of our baked goods, we'll be offering soup and sandwiches for lunch (just wait 'til you see our sandwich menu) and quiche and muffins for breakfast. Keep an eye out for our daily cakes and pies - and we're reviving the Bundt cake. Oh, and our coffee will be supplied by a great roaster based in Monmouth Beach, NJ. Booskerdoo Coffeeoffers quite a few delicious blends, and we'll be brewing it fresh just for you. We'll also have tea, hot cocoa, and other soft drinks.

So when are we gonna open? That's the tricky part and we're moving along as quickly as possible.  My brand new convection oven will arrive in a few weeks, then the city inspects our space and then we open up our windows. It's as simple and as complicated as that.

In the meantime, you can still satisfy your cravings at these local coffee shops and eateries: ReWired, Deja Brew, Hello Burrito, Barnes & Noble at Lehigh U, Mocha Mike's and Terra Cafe.

So much excitement and so much to look forward to and we're doing our best to keep you as informed as we can. In the meantime, stay connected with us on Facebook and Twitter, and contact us by phone or email if you are in need of anything for a party, a lunch meeting or just for a snack.


We're moving downtown



We're very proud to announce that we're moving downtown - to the corner of Broad and Center Streets. After five years, we've outgrown our start-up space. This is great news for our customers. The new location is more easily accessible for placing and picking up orders, and - here's the best part - we'll be able to serve retail customers as well. We'll have more information on that in a few weeks.

In the meantime, keep your eyes open for us to take the paper down and open the windows!

Our new address is 92 East Broad St., Bethlehem, Pa 18018

Phone, email and all other coordinates remain the same.


It's not really about the muffin.

pumpkin muffin

pumpkin muffin

The story starts at Campus Square Farmers' Market at Lehigh University. A few of the students fell madly in love with our Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins. They would come up in small groups and just stare, all googley-eyed over those muffins. Well, they haven't been able to get that pumpkin-chocolatey goodness since October, so one sweet young lady called to order a dozen muffins for her friend who was feeling down. This afternoon, when she arrived to pick up her package she revealed that she had just walked more than 2 miles from the south side of town, to the north side of town, over the bridge that spans the Lehigh River, and now she had to walk back. Wow. That deserves a big hug.