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Coffee Time



Remember when you were a kid and you came home from school and had a snack before you did your homework. My personal favorite was Oreo cookies and milk. I always had four of them. No more, no less. I would dunk the cookie in the milk halfway. No more, no less. I'd take a bite of the soggy part of the cookie only. No more, no less. Then I'd dunk the other half up to my fingertips and as soon as it was ready to fall away I'd pop that half into my mouth and follow it with a big swallow of milk. Now that I'm all grown up I still have an afternoon snack, only it's a bit more sophisticated and usually loaded with caffeine. For example, yesterday I had half of a Back Door Bakeshop Mexi Hot Cocoa cookie, with my own deliciously concocted beverage a Mexi Hot Mocha - dark roast coffee, a tablespoon of hot cocoa mix, two shakes each of ancho chile powder, cayenne powder, and cinnamon, then topped with whipped cream. (I usually do this in private, because occasional moans and groans have been known to leave my lips.)

Today, I finished the other half of the cookie with the same sassy beverage, only I skipped the whipped cream. Gotta cut calories somewhere, right?