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Thanksgiving is for family traditions - whatever that means to you

We hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving Day, in the good company of friends and family.

Regardless of the origin, and its place in world history, Thanksgiving is the true American holiday that doesn't focus on retail sales, or alcohol. It remains a day to share simple family traditions, whatever that means to you.

In just two days, we baked nearly 100 pies, plus countless cakes, quiche and other things. There were a few pies left, which found their way over to the Trinity Soup Kitchen.

Now we're grateful for a few days off. We took a weekend getaway to historic Annapolis, Md. touring the U.S. Naval Academy, and strolling the streets of downtown Annapolis. Of course, we took a few pictures, so here they are.

We thank you for supporting small, local business!

Gail and Dina